Modernize your Freight Forwarding business.

Compete with the worlds largest Digital Forwarder websites and provide your customers with a modern digital experience without writing a line of code, we'll provide you the Logistics Software, Networking, new business requests and a brand new Company Website your Customers will love.

A complete Digital Forwarder software solution for you and your customers.

A branded Digital Forwarder Platform installed on your website. Includes a Professional Website Upgrade.

Digital Forwarder Suite will modernize your business providing a technology experience your customers understand.

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One platform to connect everything.

Connect all your customers, workflow, suppliers, software and systems in one platform. Streamline operations with visibility, transparency and accountability.

Branded and hosted on your website, includes your own API to modernize your business, offer your customers services such as Ecommerce 'Last Mile' automation, fulfilment and delivery.

Connect any mode tracking system and track under the one global tracking number.

Manage approved projects end-to-end on your new Digital Forwarder Platform and manage ongoing customer bookings with Rate Card Management.

The Digital Forwarder Suite includes access to Buytasker Logistics Network.

1348 Member Offices growing daily plus 12+ Connected Networks, 6500+ Logistics Providers across 190 Countries.

Find new worldwide partners and connect to existing partners, streamline operations in to one platform.

Access and respond to your customer RFQs and Network Partner RFQs within one platform.

Refresh and modernize your company's tired old website.

Included in selected Digital Forwarder Suite plans is a professionally designed and hosted website. In this digital age it's unacceptable for your website to be tired and outdated.

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The Digital Forwarder Suite Customer API with Integration Support.

Offer your customers your own Integrated API for shipping and tracking services. Connect your customers Ecommerce stores and WMS platforms directly to your very own API. Compete aggressively in the modern era of Digital Freight Forwarding. All your customer integrations can be handled by the Buytasker Integrations and Support Team.

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M3 International

Your networking experience, now Digital.

Take a look at how your staff can access Buytasker's Network of agents to respond to quotes and manage shipments.

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