API Integrations

Every Digital Forwarder should have an API for their Customers and Ecommerce Last Mile Autonomous Solutions. For this reason, we have built it for you. Included in your Digital Forwarder Suite.

Integrations to your operations software is a must have in a Digital world, Buytasker's dedicated technical support team can integrate your systems across operations and accounts, coordinate better and avoid additional operational overhead.

Buytasker's dedicated API Integrations team can connect anything.

Live Rates

Most Live rates systems come well equipped with modern API's that can directly link into your Buytasker platform for managing quotations and rate card expiration, effortlessly.


Buytasker has established partnerships that connect to over 175,000 global carriers. Data is linked to your Buytasker account for document exchange tracking waypoints and alerts.


If your Accounting system supports API, Buytasker can automatically sync or export data to remove double entry data processes and automate partner invoicing and billing.